10 Epic Blog Opt-ins Done Right by Entrepreneurs and Bloggers

10 Epic Blog Opt-ins Done Right by Entrepreneurs and Bloggers

“I have no idea what to offer as my blog opt-in!”

List building is vital. In order to grow authentic relationships with your audience, being able to do so outside of the blog post is key. BUT, you don’t want to get too caught up in the what. Making sure you are creating solutions and fulfilling the needs of your audience is your first priority.

Check out these 10 epic blog opt-ins by entrepreneurs and bloggers!

In my last post, I shared how to create the perfect opt-in for your blog. The key is to not focus so much on the numbers, but giving value to your reader and creating new subscribers.

I wanted to give you just a glimpse of other blog opt-ins that I have found to be done right to help you when brainstorming to create your perfect opt-in. Now, I am not sharing these so you can go and do exactly what they are doing, but to show you that you can create opt-ins that convert by giving your audience what they need.

how to create perfect opt-in

If you are interested in any of these opt-ins, please subscribe and get to know their awesome creators!

I am a huge fan of attention grabbers done right. It’s okay to get in your reader’s faces! Many people think you have to be discreet and hide opt-ins and lead magnets within posts or in side bars. No! Grab their attention right away! McKinzie Bean of Moms Make Cents does an excellent job of this with her welcome mat opt-in when you go to her site. You can grab The Ultimate List of Blogging Freebies if you want to grow your blog. She #1, captures their attention right away, and #2, offers a solution to a problem.

blog opt-in

I recently connected with Meera Kothand, who is a certified email marketing specialist and is the go-to person for knowing how to nurture your email list. Her entire home page is really an opt-in zone. There is an opt-in for her swipe file of 105 Email Content Hacks. I know how challenging it can be to come up with your next email to your list. Meera provides a great solution to that problem. This is on its own, a great lead magnet. But she doesn’t stop there. Remember, get in the reader’s face! Scroll down a bit and there are three more opt-ins before getting to where you can learn more on how to work with her or read her blog. She tailors these opt-ins to paths each subscriber would take.

blog opt-in

blog opt-in

Angela Ford is an author and book launch specialist. She shares content catered to writers, authors and bloggers who want to independently publish but need help with book launch marketing. Her epic blog opt-in is a 30 Day Book Marketing Challenge! The challenge’s purpose is to increase the subscriber’s book visibility, sales rank, and book sales in 30 days. Angela does a great job of appealing to the problem and fulfilling the need. Angela also provides social proof on the opt-in landing page. This is a great way to optimize your lead magnet. Be sure to check it out!

blog opt-in

Just in time for the New Year, Heather Christian of Stressed Mommy, created a free 2017 Printable Calendar. Heather not only is fulfilling a need, but she is providing her audience with something they need and want! Everyone is looking for that perfect calendar that works for them right now. She created an opt-in that aligns with her overall blog message and appeals to the needs of her readers. Be sure to grab your free printable from Stressed Mommy!

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I am currently subscribed to Shela Yount’s New Year, New Mom Challenge and I am loving it. Well, she just launched The Beginner’s Guide to a Morning Routine as well! This guide teaches moms how to instantly add time to their day. Say whhhhaaaat!? Exactly. As a mom, we are always trying to find time to do things, right? So Shela absolutely hit the nail on the head with offering a solution to her audience’s problem by helping them to create a better morning routine. You can find more about Shela and her blog, I Answer to Mom, here.

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In my perfect opt-in post, I mentioned in order to really optimize your opt-in, sometimes you need to get descriptive. Explaining the problem and the solution you have to this problem will in turn, increase its conversion. Roniece Wright of Boss Lady Blogger does this very well with her latest opt-in, Humanize Your Brand, a free email course for introverts and creatives. As an introvert myself, it was difficult to get visible in my online space. I easily hid behind my blog. Humanize Your Brand speaks to that problem and helps those who subscribe to learn strategies to make their brand and their personality shine. Taking a few moments to really give the reader a description can be extremely effective.



Knowing how to grow your traffic and build your list can be a challenge, especially for beginners. Wendy Maynard does an excellent job of appealing to those people who want to grow. Wendy offers a free guide that shows you how to drive traffic and convert that traffic to subscribers. I love that she utilizes the landing page. As you will learn in Sunday’s podcast, using landing pages for your opt-in will convert better by giving visitors that clear call to action. 

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I love creativity. So do readers. Kristen Jett of Starlit Strategies offers a quiz for her opt-in. Kristen’s Business Goddess quiz allows the subscriber to discover what starlit goddess rules her business. I love the uniqueness of the quiz and how well it aligns with her overall purpose and mission. It’s fun and appeals to her target audience. Remember, you are not trying to attract all people, just your people. So be true to you and to your brand.

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“Take Control of Your Social Media Today”! This great call to action can be found on Krytal Kleidon’s opt-in page for her 4-week email course Social Media 101. Simple and straight to the point. She does break down what will be covered each week in the course. But she keeps it basic and it’s effective. You don’t have to go above and beyond to get your point across to your audience. Being straightforward and direct will often yield better results.

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Aly Biggar is an awesome blogger who appeals to the mom who wants to be “in-the-know” which all things kids, baby, gear, and more. She provides solutions to moms who want to be creative and crafty with her free Printable Coupon Book. I know I don’t always have time to create fun and cute printables for my kids, so I can go to What Moms Love to find a solution to my problem. Aly does a great job of connecting her audience to things they want and need.

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When it comes to creating the perfect blog opt-in for your brand and your mission, always ensure that it:

  • Solves a problem and fulfills a need
  • Caters to YOUR audience
  • Is optimized and aligns with your blog or brand message
  • Is creative and grabs the readers attention

how to create perfect opt-in

Don’t get distracted by what others are doing or what seems popular. I shared in my Facebook group during a live video, how I created an opt-in that had nothing to do with my overall blog message because it was the popular thing at the time. What an epic fail! Learn from my mistake, and put your target audience first. Create opt-ins that will provide solutions and will keep them coming back for more.

Do you know of any other epic blog opt-ins? I’d love to see them. Share them in the comments!

Check out these 10 epic blog opt-ins by entrepreneurs and bloggers!


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    What an amazing content-filled post! I even took notes!!! This will set me on the right path. Thank you so much!

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    HI there: I’m a mom blogger, that’s mostly humour based, so I struggle to find an opt-in that actually solves a problem for my ideal reader, with out re-gergitating a blog post itself, my mind has started to branch out a bit after reading your article, so thanks so much…even opted into a few on your list:)

    • Kristie January 7, 2017 at 3:02 pm - Reply

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read and subscribe! Look out for a helpful freebie in your next email!

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    Thanks so much for including me in this EPIC round up lovely! You know I looooooove some sexy looking opt-ins (like yours for this post!!) and this list is fantastic. xo

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