10 Things Your Blog Needs To Get More Traffic + Free Checklist

10 Things Your Blog Needs To Get More Traffic + Free Checklist

More traffic, more subscribers, more, more, more. 

We all want more when it comes to getting our content out there. No one understands that more than I do. I mean, that’s why we write. We want people to read and share it with others.

But does your blog have what it takes to increase traffic?

Let’s find out shall we?!

Increase traffic


First things first, your blog needs to fall under a specific niche or area of expertise. It makes it hard for readers when they come to your site and you are talking about gardening, video games, organizing and taxes. Even if you love all those things, it may overwhelm your audience.

Determining your niche will be easier to do if you understand your target audience. If you are targeting moms with small children who want to shop on a budget, you may not want to blog about high couture fashion trends. Make sure your content fits your audience. The purpose of your blog should be clear.

Now, for the fun stuff!

You want to make sure your site is appealing to the eye. People love to look at nice things. Your homepage should be neat and organized. Too much clutter can decrease your traffic. Make sure it is easy to navigate through. Have clear access to other pages and a short about me bio on the sidebar is always nice as well.

While we are on the sidebar (or even the footer), please do not have irrelevant affiliate ads posted there. If you blog about gardening, try to have relevant gardening type ads. Keep your sidebar clear of unnecessary ads or features. Have your featured posts, social media links, a contact option, and any special awards or recognition in these spaces.

I think it is important to have a super awesome about me page. This is where readers and potential sponsors come to learn about the person behind the blog. They want to connect with you and get a sense of who you really are. Make this page genuine and fun. Share some experiences, your background, what makes your blog stand out from the rest, include an about me video if you’re into video. Feel free to make this page as creative as you’d like, still keeping in line with your brand.

Do you have a contact page? I hope so and I hope it is visible as soon as someone comes to your site. Making it hard to contact you via your blog, will cause you to lose out on potential sponsorships and readers. Be sure your contact page is easy to access and easy to use.


Now to the nitty gritty; your content. Providing your readers with quality content is vital. Give them something that they can read and actually apply to their life. Your job is to educate your audience in some aspect. What they get from you should be so good, they will want to share it. Since that’s the goal, make sure you have social sharing icons easily visible on your posts. Make sure your posts are easy to read and understand. Use links in your posts to other relevant content or videos. Be engaging and attractive with your words. Have awesome blog titles and photos too (pin-worthy ones!).

Get comfortable with SEO. SEO is your friend. Learn the ins and outs of this to get your posts in front of your audience time after time. Be sure to utilize an SEO plugin to help you while writing your content. For more on this, visit Suzi Whitford’s blog post How To Use SEO to Grow Your Blog Traffic.

Have guest or contributor posts. Having guests or contributors post on your blog can really drive traffic to your blog. More importantly, it gets your content out in front of a whole new set of eyes.

Last but not least, have a super awesome freebie. Giving is receiving. Having something to give your readers starts the foundation of building trust. Like this post’s checklist. You don’t have to do anything to get it. You don’t even have to read this post. You could have easily just scrolled down to the bottom of the page and skipped all my tips to grab the checklist. (I surely hope no one does that though!) It’s great to have an opt-in freebie for email list building. But don’t forget to have freebies just because for your readers as well from time to time.

Devote the time required to really make your blog stand out. It takes patience and mostly it takes passion. Be aware of your targeted audience and be sure to give them great content with each and every post. If you give your absolute best, this will lead to more traffic and more shares.

What other tips do you have? Feel free to share below!

Don’t forget to download your checklist!

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