Why Brands Don’t Want to Work With You

Why Brands Don’t Want to Work With You

When I first started blogging, I saw how other bloggers within the online space were getting sponsorships with large brands and I wondered how I also could make that happen.

I mean, who doesn’t want to do what you already love doing (because I hope you are doing this because you love it), and get paid for it?

So I got to work trying to land my first sponsored post.

But I kept getting rejection after rejection…

after another.

What was it about my blog…or me that was preventing me from landing those big brand sponsorships?

I took a good hard look at my blog and asked myself, “Would you work with you?”


Why Brands Don't Want to Work With You: Try these 4 tips to land brand relationships!



My brand wasn’t attracting any sponsorships so I made a change. If you are wondering why brands are not wanting to work with you, start with these tips on what your blog needs to drive traffic, then make sure to apply these tips as well.

Create a consistent brand yourself. When a brand comes to your blog, or website, it should be simple for them to tell what you represent. If you are all over the place with no clear direction or clear brand, they will lose interest quickly. You should dedicate yourself to creating a consistent brand, not just on your blog, but across all of your active platforms. A brand may want you to represent them or promote their product or service on social media as well. So those platforms should align with your blog as well.


how to work with brands


Make it easy to contact you. Ever been to a blogger’s site and see a contact form nowhere to be found? Exactly. It should not be hard for a brand to get in touch with you. I have an “Advertise” option in my header menu. If a brand wants to get in touch with me, this is the option they would go through. The easier it is for a brand to contact you, the more connections you will build. Along with this, be sure to have a clear and well-written about me page. Brands want to know who you are and what you represent. They want to know how you operate. Describe your blog and include what topics your blog covers so that brands will know if you’d be able to work together. Include links to your social media pages and any other work or features you may have done before.


how to work with brands


Consistently update your content. If you want a brand to want to work with you, you should be an active blogger. You should be active on your blog as well as on social media. If you are trying to build a business around your blog, you should be active already. Consistently updating your content shows brands you are serious about blogging. It also gives them a glimpse at what to expect from you when it comes to promoting their products or service. It’s good to have a growing blog. It should be clear from your social media and site that your audience is growing and engaging.


There are brands out there ready to work with someone like you. Start with building a strong foundation. Not sure how to build a successful blog? Grab my free worksheet below to help you get started!


Grab Your Successful Blog Worksheet!


Use this worksheet as a guide to creating your successful blog!

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  1. Katie December 6, 2016 at 9:07 pm - Reply

    Great tips as always! We all want brands to reach out to us, and how obvious that they need an easy way to reach us? Yet, I realized I don’t on my blog, omg! I’m so glad you pointed that out!

  2. Jien December 7, 2016 at 2:12 am - Reply

    Great post. Simple tips but often overlooked.

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