How to Create an Engaged Audience of Readers

How to Create an Engaged Audience of Readers

As bloggers and entrepreneurs, it is a primary goal of ours to create a community around the content and products that we create. I’ve had many of my clients ask, how do I get my audience to engage more?

When I first started my blog, I was in every blogging Facebook group and I connected with other bloggers on Twitter and Instagram. It is great for bloggers to support each other, but unless you are in the “how to blog” niche, bloggers shouldn’t be your target audience and they most likely won’t authentically engage with your content.

PSA: Stop depending on promo Facebook groups and blogger connections for engagement.

Don’t get me wrong, these groups are helpful in every way. They put your content in front of new audiences and give it a needed boost. But if you really want to nurture a truly engaged audience, you won’t gain it only in these types of groups.

So what things can you do to create an engaged audience of readers?

How to Create an Audience of Engaged Readers (and keep them coming back for more)

Connect With Your Target Audience

I have two blogs and they each have a different target audience. For CEOMom, I connect with bloggers and business owners who want to make money online and understand methods of marketing in the online space. For my second blog, Mom Life Chronicles, I connect with moms who need tips on things from wellness to faith. Start investing time contributing to communities made up of the people in your target audience.

If you are a mom blogger that talks about essential oils and crunchy living, connect with the people who use essential oils and live that type of lifestyle. If you are a virtual assistant, start connecting with entrepreneurs, bloggers, and brands who could use the services that you offer. 

One tip that I got from a fellow blogger in the Influential Mama Facebook group is to follow the hashtags that you use on Instagram and Twitter. Start engaging with the accounts that use those hashtags. Remember to be authentic in your connections and this will open the door for those same people to engage with you.

Create Content Your Audience Wants

Your audience will engage when you create content that they want to know about. I have clients reach out to me with these great ideas for topics that they want to share and once they put it out there, no one reads or shares those topics. It can be disheartening as a blogger or entrepreneur to be excited about your content or products but no one else seems to be.

I always suggest gauging your audience based on your current stats. My very first blog was a homeschool blog. I shared our daily routines, curriculum, our travel experiences and I eventually began sharing other things related to my life but didn’t really fall under the homeschool umbrella. I quickly realized that my homeschool content was being devoured but my other content barely received views. It was clear that my audience wasn’t responding to those posts and I either needed to find another platform to share that content or discontinue it from my homeschool blog.

While you don’t want to cater to others and want to be able to write about whatever you want to write about and create what you want to create, I think once you start doing this to make money, you have to choose to create what your audience wants.

Create More Opportunities for Engagement

I wear many hats as an entrepreneur. I have a podcast, a YouTube channel (that I really need to revive haha), multiple blogs, and I am very active on social media. My audience has ample methods available to engage and connect with me.

I do not believe you should try to build multiple platforms at once. That can be extremely overwhelming in this business.

Work on each platform individually until you have built up each one, then move on to the next platform. I started my blog first, then my podcast, then my YouTube channel. I started building my Twitter first, then my Facebook, and now I am working on building my Instagram.

I started my podcast for two reasons. One, it is becoming extremely popular for people to consume content that way and secondly because it fits my audience’s needs. It is so much easier for a busy mom or entrepreneur tolisten to a podcast versus reading a 1,000+ word blog post. When you have more ways for your audience to consume your content, they will more likely become a part of the community it creates.

Ask Questions

Asking questions prompts a response. Whenever I post something on social media, I begin or end with asking a question. When you ask your audience questions, they will more likely engage on that piece of content.

And it doesn’t always have to be a serious question. Ask questions that fit your audience. If your target market is moms, ask mom related questions. Every mom loves to talk about their kids, even when they get on our nerves. Gifs are really popular on Facebook and it is a great way to get people to respond to a question.

This correlates with creating more opportunities for engagement. Give them a reason to want to comment or share.

It Starts With You

Building an audience is hard. You have to be really clear on who your target audience is and how to reach them. Once you have achieved that, connect with them, join communities that they are a part of, give advice and tips, stand out and give them a reason to engage. Creating an engaged audience starts with you and the work you put in.

What is something you see that you can work on and build from to create an engaged audience?

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  1. Becky January 24, 2018 at 7:05 pm - Reply

    Very helpful post, some great tips to follow. Thanks

  2. Heather LeGuilloux January 24, 2018 at 8:41 pm - Reply

    I like the idea of providing more opportunity for engagement in order to create more meaningful connections with my audience. I have started to do this through more training and live webinars (which is out of my comfort zone) so I hope it will pay off in the future.

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