3 Tips for Growing and Nurturing Your Email List with Meera Kothand

3 Tips for Growing and Nurturing Your Email List with Meera Kothand

Over the past week, we have dived into how to create epic opt-ins that convert in order to build and grow our email lists. Many bloggers and entrepreneurs want to know how to take their readers and turn them into subscribers. As you will learn from today’s podcast guest, there is another key element once they subscribe, and that is to nurture them.

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Meera blogs over at Meera Kothand where she helps bloggers and solopreneurs find focus, build authority and craft a strategic online presence. She has also contributed to several sites such as Smart Blogger, Marketing Profs, YFS and Addicted 2 Success.

She is a certified email marketing specialist and a self-professed email nerd. She loves teaching about email marketing which she writes extensively about on her blog. Her goal is to simplify email because she knows that it’s a topic that’s a major pain point and frustration for many.

Learn effective strategies for building and nurturing your email list!

I love that her mission doesn’t stop at list building, but list nurturing and keeping the subscriber engaged.

Show Notes

  • Meera shares with us what led her to become a certified email marketing specialist
  • Meera discusses three things that have helped her grow and nurture her email list: Creating an epic welcome series– not being generic with your welcome; Getting strategic with your opt-in freebie and ensuring that it is aligned with your product or service; and Thinking of email as an extension of your blog or business, not a separate entity.
  • When it comes to really building her email list, Meera shares tactics that helped her most. Those included: guest posting, landing pages, and, optimization.
  • We discuss the importance of nurturing your email list once subscribed in order to prevent them from unsubscribing.
  • Meera shares that you can still make money from your list, even it is a small list.
  • Providing valuable content and nurturing your list will positively impact your income.
  • Meera shares what motivates her to continue blogging and sharing email marketing content.
  • As always, I asked Meera how she balances being a mom and a blogger and freelancer: she doesn’t multi-task, she either works or spends time with her daughter. She also batches to get things done at one time.

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