How to Convert Your Readers Into Buyers as a Mom Blogger

How to Convert Your Readers Into Buyers as a Mom Blogger

When I first started monetizing my blog, it was about three years ago.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do but I know I wanted to make an income from my blog.

I started out with affiliate marketing. At that time, that was the simplest way to get started making money. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to create a product and definitely didn’t know what product I could even create.

So I got to work on applying to various affiliate programs and hoping for the best.

Sound familiar?

Are you just hoping for the best?

There is no way you can be a successful money-making blogger just hoping for the best.

When you are ready to start treating your blog like a business, that means you are making monetizing your blog a priority.

Have you already started your blog? If not, learn how to get started by visiting How to Start a Blog in 3 Simple Steps.

To make your blog a business, you have to treat it like one.

Business owners don’t “half-ass” their work. They live and breathe it until it becomes successful.

I didn’t get to where I am just hoping for the best. It takes dedication and real commitment.

And it takes a real strategy. I talk more about creating a monetizing strategy in this post, How to Make Money Blogging, Really.

Now that you have an understanding of the work that it takes for you to invest, let’s get into the topic.

How to Convert Readers Into Buyers

You have to first do some investigative work.

But seriously, you have to look at your blog with objective magnifying glasses.

As you go through the tips I share, think about your own blog. Is there anything you may need to adjust or change?

how to convert readers into buyers

Niche Down

The first thing you need to ensure is that your blog has a clearly defined topic that the reader who comes to your blog, knows right away.

There shouldn’t be any guessing.

Blogs that are all over the place, struggle to succeed.

Your target market has to feel like this blog is specifically for them. If you don’t know your niche quite yet, totally fine! I started out blogging about homeschool and other random topics.

It took me some time to finally get my life and realize who I wanted to reach.

Once you feel like you’ve narrowed down enough, try some more. The more narrow your niche, the better. 

Write Quality Content

Nothing converts better than quality content.

And it doesn’t have to thousands of words to have quality. (Quality over quantity applies here.)

Your job as a content creator is to educate, empower, or entertain. Give your audience what they are looking for.

We solve problems by providing solutions and fulfilling the needs of our audience, whatever those may be.

You can have the best SEO possible but if you aren’t creating content that your target market/audience wants to read, what’s the point?

Quality content helps its readers overcome a small battle and leave wanting more.

Tip: Be sure to interlink to other posts to keep readers on your blog for as long as they want to stay!

How to Convert Your Readers into Buyers as a Mom Blogger. Turn those clicks into buys! Make your blog a business. Finally learn how to make money from your blog.


Create Irresistible Opt-ins

The money is in your list (I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but it’s true!).

When you are able to convert readers into subscribers, you become that much closer to converting them into buyers.

Focus on creating opt-ins that your audience just has to have. Think of things that you can later add to or build on that could lead that subscriber to a paid product you created, your services, or products and programs you are an affiliate for.

You also want your subscriber to achieve a “quick win” and not win the war all in one opt-in. If you give away too much, what purpose would you serve after the fact?

Great opt-ins are things like worksheets, checklists, video series, email courses, challenges, resource libraries, and printables.

Here’s an example: Susie is a yoga instructor. She wants to launch a live course where she teaches people how to meal plan each week for 8 weeks. Before launching this program, she wants to gauge the interest. Her opt-in is a free 3-day email course. Each day she emails the participants a video of tips that will teach them the benefits of meal planning and the things you’d need to prepare for meal planning. She also includes 3 days of meal ideas. She doesn’t go into the specifics of how to make the meals or how to craft their own plans but gives them enough so they will want more.

She made her opt-in specific and narrow so she’d only attract those that’d be interested in her 8-week program. Many of us are trying to create content, products or services for everyone.

Get clear and specific on who you want to reach and target only them. Keep your opt-in in alignment with this!

Align Your Products and Services to the Need

The difference between readers and buyers is the need.

The affiliate program I make the most money from here on CEOMom is Siteground. If someone comes to my site wanting to learn how to start a blog, they need hosting.

If you are writing a post on crockpot meals and you are including the affiliate link to a crockpot, you probably won’t sell many of those. If I am looking for crockpot meals, chances are I already have a crockpot. Instead, you can share links to crockpot liners or other useful tools.

And this also applies to your own products and services. Since we are talking about meal planning, you can promote an Ultimate Guide to CrockPot Cooking as an ebook as your product.

When working with brands, this is also important. It isn’t the size of your audience that brands are attracted by, it’s the right audience.

Whatever you are creating, ensure that what you are launching is (as mentioned above) exactly what your audience is in need of

Monetizing your blog does take time, but it’s not impossible.

Take the time to get to the core of your audience’s struggles and what they want to see more of. Maybe you are a fashion blogger for moms- find out what they want to see more of. Maybe you are a finance blogger for small businesses- tap into the topics they want you to cover most.

Did you find this post helpful? What do you struggle with most when monetizing your blog?








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  1. Lots of great tips and value here! I just recently starting making my own products and I find that it is easier for me to promote than it was an affiliate. Well, other than books I read I can promote those all day long.

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