9 Experts Reveal the #1 Way They Drive Traffic to Their Blogs

9 Experts Reveal the #1 Way They Drive Traffic to Their Blogs

How to drive traffic to your blog

Next to how to make money, I think every blogger wonders this at some point on their blogging journey.

I have spent countless hours researching this very topic myself.

To make it a bit easier, I asked 9 amazing experts in their niches to ask them how do they drive traffic to their blogs.

One thing about this topic is that it’s all about what works best for you. There is no ONE way to drive traffic to your blog. Have fun experimenting and trying new things. Hopefully, you’ll find something in this post that have never tried!

How do you drive traffic to your blog?

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One of my favorite ways to drive traffic to my blog is by going on as a guest on other expert’s radio shows and podcasts. I get to talk about topics I love while being introduced to a new audience. I always have an opportunity to mention my site and a lead magnet too.

Stephanie Calahan


How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog
How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

For me it’s Podcast Guesting!

In fact it’s been such a powerful strategy that I created a free podcast and free program to teach others how to do it too.

Nicole Holland



Instagram is our number one source of traffic. So many people underestimate the power of Instagram or don’t really know how to use it to drive a consistent flow of new traffic to their website. With over 600 million users and the highest engagement out of any social media platform, there’s an incredible opportunity out there for every entrepreneur and blogger.

Luke Bender


How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog
How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

True engagement in Facebook groups. Not just the drive by “here’s my link,” but really interacting with people and helping answer their questions when I can.

Caitlin Faas. Ph.D.


The #1 thing that successfully drives traffic for me is being consistent and engaging with my readers. I consistently post new blog posts on a weekly basis and I engage with my followers on social media. When someone leaves a comment I make sure to respond.

Jeanine, The Business Ref


How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog
How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

The #1 successful traffic driver for me is Facebook group promo threads. They’re successful because they’re super targeted. The group members have self-selected as interested in that Facebook group’s topic. (For example, solopreneurs or blogging.) Plus, I write a lot of very specific how to posts. That means that when I link my blog post up in that promo thread, the right people are able to see at first glance if it solves an existing problem for them.

Julienne DesJardins


Over the past five years that I’ve been blogging on Career Geek, it’s the pull of good content that drives the most traffic. Twitter used to be a great driver of traffic, however over the past 2 years that’s gradually reduced.

I now have some pages that drive traffic even after 2-3 years of publishing. The reason being that the content still delivers value and is relevant. I have clearly shifted from producing a lot of content and sharing it on social media, to focusing on the quality of the content and it’s doing just fine! In fact, I’ve been brave enough to stop social media marketing altogether and nowadays I only have conversations on Twitter, I don’t schedule posts as I used to. So my advice would be to focus on writing good content.

How do you know what is good content?

– find a problem and solve it

It really is that simple. Share whatever you experience, share your opinions. People value opinions. They may not agree with them, but they will still ‘listen’ (aka read) them.



how to drive traffic to your blog
How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

I tried something new that I don’t think very many people are aware of (at least I wasn’t until recently) and it’s a gem! That something is called Amino. It is a mobile app dedicated to blogging and communities. There are a bunch of different niche communities on there and you can even create your own. Amino has given me a noticeable amount of traffic and people will be very responsive in liking and commenting on posts.

My strategy has been to post tidbits of my posts and leave a link to my blog to read the full article. A lot of the time people will click through to read the rest. It’s so much easier to reach an audience when you find a platform where everyone is listening.

Emilie Nguyen


On a platform that features a digital service for #WomeninCareers, the top thing that drives traffic for us is a clear value proposition right upfront, both online and in-person. Given the overwhelming amounts of info in our web and social feeds, my audience needs to know 3 main things – what they’re getting, for how much and who is it for. Our website and social media pages clearly indicate (above the fold) that Maroon Oak is a Free Career Networking Platform for Women. We share content, images and hashtags that reinforce this consistently.

Naturally, all of this needs to be supplemented with in-depth content, a strong SEO, and a mobile first design.

Pooja Krishna

Maroon Oak

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

If you have been wondering how to drive traffic to your blog, be sure to visit these experts’ blogs to gain even more insight on their strategies.

But remember, what works for some, doesn’t work for everyone. Just be sure to focus on providing attractive content that will help not only get people to your blog, but get them to share with others.

You can learn more about the methods I use in my 15 minute webinar on how to get visible, build your audience and increase your income!

How to Increased Your Blog Traffic: 9 experts share their tips on what the #1 thing has been to drive traffic to their blogs. Increase Blog Traffic | Grow Your Blog | Make Money Online | Blogging Tips

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