3 Tips for Starting Your Own Podcast

3 Tips for Starting Your Own Podcast

Everyone is doing it now.

I’m talking about launching podcasts!

I started my podcast a year ago and it has been one of the best moves I have made in my business.

Podcasting can transform the way you connect with your audience in a way that blogging doesn’t. I find that podcasting is a great addition to blogging for your business.

We all know that video is transformative when it comes to marketing your blog and your business. There are many people that are not yet comfortable with video and podcasting has allowed them to expand their reach without utilizing it. (I still think everyone should incorporate video at some point!) You even have the option of using video in conjunction with your podcast (Facebook or Instagram live) which creates an even better opportunity for your brand.

Depending on your target audience, a podcast may be better for them to dive into your content. I know as a busy mom of three and an entrepreneur, I have to make time to watch a video. But I can throw on a podcast while cooking, cleaning, driving, etc.

So if you are ready to grow your online community in a different way, here are 5 tips to get you started with using a podcast to do so.

Starting a podcast? Here are a few tips you should consider before launching.

Start with an Idea

I started my podcast as a way to share my content with a wider audience. I already had a blog and a business so my podcast is aligned with the information I was already providing.

You don’t have to have a blog or business to start a podcast. I know many podcasters that only have a podcast. It is important to be clear on your target audience and the mission or objective of your podcast. Are you wanting to teach on a particular topic, share life stories, sell services or products?

Being clear on your why will lead you to the idea and brand of your podcast. Being clear on your idea is very important before you begin learning how to start a podcast.

Do Your Research

Once you have come up with your idea and are ready to start preparing to launch, do your research. Check out other podcasts in your niche, connect with other podcasters, become a guest on other podcasts, do everything you can to ensure you are prepared once you have launched your own show.

Many podcasters fail when they launch out the gate and are not prepared for the next steps.

Organization Matters

If you are not an organized person, work on it if you want to start a podcast. In order to produce a successful podcast, you have to be organized. Make sure you have a great planner. Schedule time to record, edit, and post your podcast just as if it were a blog post.

If you are planning to have guests, use a scheduling tool such as Acuity(affiliate link). You can check out other tools here. I like using Cast (affiliate link) or Zoom to connect with my podcast guests because you can schedule it and save it to your calendar.

Being organized also helps to ensure that you will achieve great success as a podcaster.



Starting a Podcast?

Podcast cheat sheet image

Grab the podcast cheat sheet to help guide you through the beginning steps of starting your own podcast!

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