5 Simple Things You Can Do To Up Your Social Media Marketing Game, RIGHT NOW!

5 Simple Things You Can Do To Up Your Social Media Marketing Game, RIGHT NOW!

Although social media is not the only way you can market your business, it is one of the best methods to utilize. You literally have the world available to connect with. The issue is that so many of us are actually trying to connect with all the world instead of focusing on a much smaller group of people.

When used the right way, your social media marketing strategy should be attracting your people– those in your target audience ready to connect with you.

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Let’s take a brief lesson from Black Panther. Erik Killmonger was extremely focused on one thing from beginning to end- revenge. He didn’t sway, he didn’t lose focus, and he didn’t switch up. His message was clear and centered on one task until the end of the movie.

That’s how we have to be when executing a social media strategy, or any marketing strategy for that matter.

Set your goal and follow through with it until it is met.

If your goal is to reach 10,000 followers on Instagram, you should be executing strategies to reach that goal. Don’t give up because it seems too hard. Once you have a solid strategy in place, follow that strategy through. If it doesn’t bring forth the results you want, then make tweaks to it, but don’t stop or give up too soon.

Okay, that’s just my little motivational tidbit.

But here are five things you can do to up your social media strategy game, right now.

How to Level Up Your Social Media Marketing Game in 5 Simple Ways!

See What’s Trending

If you want to get in while the getting is good on certain topics or take advantage of tons of traffic, find out what’s trending in your niche. Observe what is attractive to your audience- even what YOU are attracted to and produce content around that.

You can find out what is trending in various ways. Here are a few tools that I like to use:

Social Mention: This is my go-to right now. This not only helps with finding trending topics but can be a great tool for SEO in finding good headline ideas and keywords for your blog posts.

You simply enter a keyword and you can see how popular that topic is and related content around it.

how to up your social media marketing game


Google Trends: This is one of the best free tools to discover trending topics. You are able to narrow down your search by category and location as well.

how to up your social media marketing game


You can also find trending topics on Twitter and Facebook.

Collaborate with a Peer

I find that collabs are one of the best ways to grow in the online space. You are able to reach new audiences you might not have had the opportunity to reach alone.

There are various ways you can collab such as hosting a giveaway, doing a Facebook or Instagram takeover, doing a joint live training on Facebook or Instagram, or even hosting a Facebook group together.

Going at things as a team can help you grow your audience and following in a much more fun and collaborative way.

Use Branded Photos

One of the best things I recently did for my brand was to update my photos on social media. Having a more refreshed and consistent look on your feeds can do wonders for your social media growth and engagement.

Along with updating your photos, it will make you want to update your content and in turn, create a space that is attractive to your audience.

Branded photos aren’t limited to photos on Instagram or Facebook, but create templates unique to you for Pinterest as well. You want those who see your work to be able to know your content because everything is cohesive and consistent with what you create.

Upload Stories Daily

Instagram and Facebook stories are transforming the way people use social media. Your followers will more than likely see your stories before they see what’s on your feed. Posting to your stories often keeps your profile ahead of the others consistently. I suggest posting at least 5 stories per day. More is even better.

Your stories can be videos or photos of what’s going on in your day to day life but you can also use them to promote your content and business updates.

You can create story template on the Canva app and showcase original and unique stories unlike other profiles. Here is an example of one that I recently created to use this week!

how to up your social media marketing game


Level Up Your Hashtag Game

People get all wonky when you start talking hashtags. No one seems to know the exact best practices but the best way to find out what works for you is to try a few different methods.

The hashtags you use are what helps your content get seen by the right people.

While I won’t get into the specifics on all things hashtags, here are a few things to remember when using them:

  • Research your competitors and leading influencers in your niche to see what hashtags they use
  • Incorporate location-based hashtags to connect with those in your area (ex. #atlantalocal)
  • Use low competition hashtags. In this case, it’s better to use #socialmediatips versus #socialmedia

  • Don’t just use hashtags to be seen, but to connect with others on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. This is how you’ll grow your community!

Final Thoughts

While there are many different things you can do to learn how to up your social media marketing game, these are just a few simple things you can do right now to get started.

Social media marketing isn’t just numbers anymore, it’s about connecting with and serving those in your audience. Keep that in mind when you care creating content and promoting your business.

What are some things that are working for you in your social media strategy right now?


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