How to Make Money on Your Blog Using Quizzes

How to Make Money on Your Blog Using Quizzes

Buzzfeed did it best.


What celebrity are you?”

And Facebook has them everywhere.


Because people love them. They are attractive and they are fun.

how to use quizzes for your blog

how to use quizzes for your blog

According to Kissmetrics, using quizzes is one of the most underrated forms of marketing we should be using!

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Quizzes are a great addition to your marketing strategy.

When I worked as a digital marketing executive in the corporate world, one of my jobs was to help businesses come up with marketing campaigns to gain new leads. One of the methods we would use was to leverage quizzes.

For Halloween we would do, “What scary movie are you?” or for Valentine’s Day “Where should you take your Valentine for a date?”

With quizzes, you can come up with creative ways to gain leads and potentially, new customers.

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How to Create a Converting Quiz

Conversions are two-fold. The first step is gaining readers as a subscriber. The second step is to convert subscribers to customers.

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In order to create a two-fold converting quiz, you need to start with your audience’s needs. What is something they can benefit from learning more about or learning how to do better?

It could be something as simple as how to keep your room organized to something as complex as how to be a better parent.

Once you have decided on a need, you can then focus on a teachable concept that can be achieved in a few emails. You can’t teach someone to be a better parent after a few emails, but you can teach them how to plan a game night with their children.

I suggest thinking of the big picture. After taking this quiz, and going through a series of teaching emails, what can I offer?

We will walk through the entire process in a moment but start at the end first. Is there a product or service you can offer your new subscribers? Converting them into customers will depend on those teaching emails.

Make sure you choose a concept that you are knowledgeable on and can share 2-3 emails worth of content on without it being full of fluff or getting stale.

After honing in on what you will teach your quiz takers, you can start creating your quiz.

Creating a Quiz for Your Blog

To create my quiz, I am using a tool called Interact.

Interact is a tool for creating quizzes to generate leads and to help entrepreneurs drive sales.

You can try Interact for free or upgrade to their paid plans (which each have free 7 day trials!).

After testing out Interact, I knew I wanted to use it on my blog.

It’s extremely user-friendly, customizable, can be personalized to your own brand, and offers many more amazing features.

Let’s take a walk through of getting started.

Once you come to the dashboard, you can create a quiz from a template or start your quiz from scratch.

how to use quizzes for your blog

Once you have chosen your template (that’s what I used), you are able to customize the questions and answers of the quiz.

After customizing your questions and answers, you then edit how the answers will correlate with the end result.

You’ve created a quiz!

My favorite part about Interact is that you can integrate it with your email marketing client and automatically send out correlating sequences for each result!

After setting up your quiz, you can then save it and share away! You can get a more in-depth tutorial on setting up your quiz in the Interact dashboard.

Once your quiz is active, you can then come back and check analytics to see how your quiz is performing. 

How to Make Money From Quizzes

You now have a quiz up and ready to go!

But how does taking a quiz help you make an income?

As I mentioned earlier in this post, you are going to be taking quiz takers through a sequence of emails. That is why it is important to choose a quiz topic that you know well!

You should have a sequence with a minimum of 2-3 emails (not including your intro email).

The first email will be sent right after the quiz has been completed. It should include the results and also give expectations of what is to follow.

The next 2-3 emails should teach your new subscriber more on the results they received after taking the quiz.

Your final emails should present an offer. That offer can be your own product or service or a product or service you are an affiliate for.

Your new quiz has become the start of a new sales funnel!

In order to see income from this marketing strategy, it is important to focus on nurturing those subscribers from start to finish.

Adding quizzes to your marketing strategy is a great idea.

It is fun for those who visit your blog and can potentially help to bring in some extra income for you! Interact is a great tool to use to make customizable quizzes from scratch or using plug in templates.

Have you ever considered using quizzes in your own marketing strategy? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments!



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    What a great idea!! Quizzes are a lot of fun and people are definitely drawn to them. Thank you for putting together such a thorough post!

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