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Using Pinterest to Grow Your Blog- Podcast Ep. 010 with Elna Cain

Us mom bloggers often get lost in this bubble that almost separates us from the rest of the blogging world. We forget that we can offer value to others who aren't moms or other mom bloggers. Elna of Twins Mommy has really utilized her space and offers valuable content to everyone who visits her blog. [...]

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6 Tips to Decide If Your Business Idea Is Worth Pursuing with Aprille Reed

Are you ready to launch your own business? WAIT! STOP! First, you need to uncover whether or not it's even worth your time. I am elated to have Aprille Reed on today's podcast to discuss her top 5 tips to help you decided if a business is worth pursuing in the first place.  Aprille Reed [...]

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3 Reasons Your Business Needs Video – Podcast Ep. 008 with Cristin Goss

This pot may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here. Yup, your business needs video. I mentioned in my last post that video is hot right now. I am not a video connoisseur, but Cristin Goss is the video queen. I recently connected with Cristin in a Facebook group and I joined her Facebook [...]

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Top Ways to Be Productive as a Work-At-Home Mom- Podcast Ep. 006

      In today's ceoMom Talk Podcast, I have the opportunity to chat with Melissa Ricker of EngineeredMotherhood. She shares her top tips and tools when it comes to being productive as a work at home mom. Melissa Ricker is a mother, a wife, a nuclear engineer, and a professional freelance writer. She runs [...]

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