How To Prepare Your Blog for 2017

How To Prepare Your Blog for 2017

As the year comes to a close, many of you are wondering how to prepare your blog for 2017. Today’s podcast covers that very topic. I am sharing my top three tips on how to prepare yourself and your blog for 2017.

What does it mean to prepare your blog?

Basically, I want you to succeed and not have any excuses as to why you weren’t ready for the new year.

How to Prepare Your Blog for 2017! Check out these top three tips!

These actionable tips will help you get a bit of insight on what you should be doing as we close out the year. Because truth is, 2016 is not over yet! There’s still time for you to get things in order and be a step ahead as we move into January.

So let’s dive into the tips! (Scroll to the bottom, or click here, to listen to the podcast)

  1.  Stop focusing on getting traffic. In 2017, I want you to focus on getting the RIGHT traffic. Don’t kill me for this but I am committed to no longer participate in comment threads and all those other groups that basically promote only pageviews. It’s one thing to support other bloggers and share their content but then you have to wonder, are you dependent upon those views? Is your blog traffic ONLY because of those threads? Sharing and genuine support is great. But for me, I want to build my email list. And those commenters are not subscribing so why even bother? This brings me to my second point.
  2. Focus on list building. How many pageviews you have means nothing if you aren’t converting those visitors into subscribers. You have got to get keen on providing excellent content, stuff that no one has really seen or already heard. It’s so easy to get lost in “me too” blogs. Me too blogs are blogs that are just like everyone else’s. Nothing unique about you or your brand whatsoever. The moment you tap into your “it”, the one thing that propels you and helps you stand out among the rest, you will truly become a force to be reckoned with. Bloggers that are great at what they do are that way because they are like themselves and not 100 million others. Did you know there are over 160 million blogs out there. Millions fail because they are not tapping into their unique brand. Get extremely specific with your niche. I know you hear this all the time, but there’s a reason for that. I promise you, your success is in the specifics. Can you imagine, if you owned your lane? You’d be unstoppable. What sounds better: I am a business coach or I help budding mompreneurs get clear on their brand in order to propel their business forward. Big difference right? Once you get specific, clear on your content and who you are serving, your email list will grow. My final point,
  3. Remain consistent and don’t give up. If you have been at this for less than 6 months, and you aren’t seeing results, guess what? That’s okay! I have been at this for a few years and I this year has been my very best year. Most blogs fail because they give up too soon. To me, that tells me they were in this for the wrong reasons. They were focused on the coins and not the community. Don’t let that be you. If you are in this for money, stop now. You have got to be passionate about your content and passionate about your community. You have got to care about the work you do. I mean, it takes me hours to create content, and freebies, and these podcasts. I would not be putting in all these hours if it were just for the money. Especially when at one point, there was none! Listen, as long as you remain consistent and don’t give up and you find your land and own that lane, you will do great things in this space!


I am sure that you will strive to reach your new year goals and soar through the blog world!

Be sure to listen to the podcast for extra content!

See you all in the New Year!


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