How to Use Time Blocking to Organize Your Work At Home Business

How to Use Time Blocking to Organize Your Work At Home Business

Time blocking. What is it and how can it help you organize your business?

I’m glad you asked!

Time blocking is a scheduling method that requires you to set aside blocks of time to focus on and complete tasks.

We all are trying to find the best way to get and stay organized. There is always so much to do as a business owner. Balancing business life and home life can be even more of a struggle, especially as a work at home mom. Having a strong organizational foundation is key in order to have success.

In my search for a good way to stay organized, I came across multiple options. I have tried most, if not all of them.

Time blocking has really helped me to stay on track and get things done in a timely manner.



How to UseTime Blocking toOrganize YourBusiness


When I first started my research on how to get started, I came across a couple helpful videos. My favorite is this one by Lydia Senn.


Here is a look at how I use time blocking:

6-8:15am- I use this block of time to get up, prep for the day, get the kiddos up, ready for school, fed and on the bus

8:15-9am- I have breakfast, do small chores like dishes, start laundry, and feed & change baby Ayden

9-11am- Check emails, client followups, schedule posts for the day, important phone calls

11-12pm- Ayden is usually up by now so I feed & change him, get him dressed, and back down to sleep

12-12:30pm- Have some lunch and probably do some reading or research during this period

12:30-2:30pm- Get work done! I am totally focused on work, writing, etc.

2:30-3:30pm- More baby Ayden time and finishing up household chores

3:30pm-4pm- I head out to the bus stop and wait for the kiddos!

4-5pm- Dinner prepped and served

5-7pm- Spend time with the kiddos

7-8pm- Get the kiddos prepped for bed

8-9pm- Prep for the next day


I like time blocking because I am not focused on the minute details right away. It gives me clear direction of what my day will entail and when to get it done by.

Do you think time blocking can work for you and your business?

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