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You’re ready.

You’re just aching to get started already.

Maybe something has been holding you back, but deep down you know you’re ready to
move forward and make things happen to begin creating a life of freedom.

Whether it is for one month or over six months, together we will cultivate and build
a fulfilling and sustainable business and brand – on your own terms and by your own set of rules every step of the way.

We will meet on monthly basis to break down your goals, your vision, and map out
a solid strategy to take your business from zero to profit.

Working with me, you will:

  • Get focused on your purpose and how to convey that in your work
  • Break through barriers and overcome challenges you are facing in your online business
    while uncovering areas of weakness
  • Develop confidence in your ability to serve and deliver exceptional value and focusing
    on your strengths
  • Create a marketing strategy to help you target and attract the right clients by understanding
    their needs and pain points.
how to stand out in a saturated niche

What’s Included (Monthly Basis)

1 Recorded Video Coaching Session
4 Recorded Accountability Calls
4 Weekly Updates via Email
Website/Blog Audit
Access to VIP Resources and Videos

How Does This Work?

Identify Your #1 Goal

We will work together to develop a clear, laser-focused, #1 Goal. What is the #1 thing that you most want? Is it 5,000 subscribers? Is it to finally hit a million dollars in sales?

Create a Roadmap for You to Hit Your #1 Goal

We will detail the specific path you will follow to hit your #1 Goal. You will never feel lost, alone, or behind schedule.

Coaching and Accountability to Reach Your #1 Goal

I will work with you 1:1 to give you the information you need to execute your roadmap. I will be there with you to encourage you and knock you over the head when you start slacking.

What to Expect?

Expect to massively grow your brand and your business while working with me. While it won’t always be fun, you will walk away with the results that you have been wanting to gain but weren’t sure on how to achieve.

If you are ready to make the necessary changes in order to dynamically alter your reach and your revenue, I’d love to work with you.

I am now accepting applications for my personal coaching program.

This is an intensive coaching and implementation program where I personally work with you to grow your brand and business.

This program is for people who are determined to hit major goals– and who want every advantage possible to get there.

To see if you qualify, apply below. If you’re a good fit, I’ll extend an invitation for you to join.

Apply to Work With Kristie


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