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It’s time for YOU to start making money from your blog.

But where do you start?

Only about 5-8% of bloggers make a consistent income from their blogs.

That’s it.

And you are well overdue.

You may be lacking confidence in your capabilities as a blogger and aren’t really sure if it’s for you anymore.

I’ve been there. I lost hope in my blog topic, my niche, and in myself. I was pulling my hair out and wondering how everyone around me was making money but I wasn’t!

I wanted to overcome my money-making roadblocks and finally accomplish my blogging financial goals.

Hey there, I’m Kristie.

I work with bloggers and entrepreneurs who ready to level up in the online space and learn effective monetizing strategies that they can begin implementing to create their dream business.

I have the capabilities to give you more than just clarity in where you are and where you want to take your business but to help you create a personalized strategy to clear through your money making roadblocks and finally create a profitable and sustainable business online.

If you are…

  • Tired of blogging and not gaining traffic and momentum

  • Stuck and unclear of how to turn your blog into a business

  • Drowning in debt and about to throw in the towel on your blog

  • Unsure of how to truly monetize your blog and your passions

I want to work with you!

Our monetizing strategy coaching sessions will help you get clear on your goals and leave you feeling empowered. You will have the tools you need to turn things around and create a business you can be proud of.

It’s like taking the best blogging course available- except working with me doesn’t come with generalizations and examples that don’t really fit your specific blogging struggles. Working with me is targeted and specific. We utilize real problem-solving strategies, I give you real, personalized feedback leaving you capable, confident, and prepared.


When you are done working with me…

You’ll be equipped and knowledgeable about what is required to create a business from your blog

You’ll be confident in your niche and have what it takes to stand out and attract a new and loyal audience

You’ll learn how to drive traffic to your blog and begin building and nurturing an email list of buyers

You’ll finally be well on your way to building a truly profitable online business

What’s Included?

Everything we do is not one size fits all. Each strategy plan is different for each client.

But all of my clients get:

  • Video-Based Coaching Calls: One per month we work together. These face to face meetings allow us to get to know each other better, tackle big issues, and make plans as a unit.

  • Unlimited Support via Email: Have a quick question? Need me to read or review something? You can email me anytime and I will give you my full support.

  • Personalized Blog Audit: I will give your blog a full audit, analyze and give you honest feedback on how to move forward.

  • Customized Strategy Plan: We will work together to create a customized strategy to help you make money from your blog. We will revisit this plan throughout our time together and continue to build and implement.

  • Accountability Calls: Mini sessions held once every three months we work together. These short calls are to recap your monthly goals and assess where you are and what strategies you should be focusing on.

Coaching isn’t for you if…

  1. You are looking for a quick fix

  2. You can’t commit to checking in with me each month

  3. You aren’t ready to face your money-making blocks

  4. You don’t want to have a profitable online business

Coaching IS for you if…

  1. You are overwhelmed by all of the information online, in course, and ebooks

  2. You are lacking confidence in who you are as a blogger and a business owner

  3. You are ready to identify the core of your money-making roadblocks

  4. You are willing to become vulnerable and allow someone else to step in

  5. You are ready to have a community and tribe of loyal readers

  6. And You are ready to make money from your blog and online business


You can continue what you have been doing, but you will either continue to get the same results or it will take you a long time to achieve the results you want.

Save yourself some time and frustration and make the leap to have someone who is a trusted leader in the blogging world take your hand and lead you to your blogging goals!

Work With Kristie


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