The Podcast Launch

The Podcast Launch


This training provides everything you need to grow and launch your podcast. Includes video training, guides, worksheets, tools, and one-on-one coaching session.



Launch, grow, and monetize your podcast with this podcast course!

In-Depth Training

You’ll learn how to choose the right tools and equipment, set up and use recording software, plan a successful show, gain confidence in your presentation skills, create attractive content, grow your email list and other audience growth tactics and how to start making money with your podcast.

Guides and Tools

You will get access to worksheet and guides that will help you craft a brand and story around your podcast, templates for gaining interviews and sponsorships, and VIP interviews with podcasters who are very successful in their niche.

One-on-One Coaching

Along with the training materials, you have the opportunity to schedule a live coaching call with me and you are free to get advice and answers to your podcast questions.

Accountability + Support

I will provide you with accountability and support after launching your podcast via email. I want you to succeed and create longevity and profitability as a podcaster.


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