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It’s Launch Time!

You’ve had the idea for a long time.


You’ve listened to other podcasts and said, “I’d love to do that!”


You just have one problem:


You have no idea where to start!

Just like you, I knew I had an amazing idea for a podcast but I had so many questions.

  • What tools do I need?
  • How do I record or even edit?
  • Will people like my voice?
  • What will I say?

Like everything else we have little knowledge about, we avoid it, even if could potentially benefit from it.

Here is your chance to drown out your doubts and finally launch your podcast!

how to launch your podcast

project podcast is a free challenge that will walk you through 5 steps to launching your podcast.


You will get:

  • Daily emails to guide you through launching a podcast from start to finish

  • A complete resource guide and videos to walk you through setup

  • Access to our online community to provide support through the complete challenge

Challenge Begins Monday

how to launch your podcast

Hello, I’m Kristie!

I have launched two successful podcasts and am ready to help others do the same.

You will walk away from this free challenge equipped and empowered, ready to take on the podcast community by storm!

Join me for this FREE challenge and finally learn how to launch your podcast.

Join the FREE Challenge!

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